Noble Nwaozuru, Financial Director & Investor

Mr. Nwaozuru’s background is in engineering and project management for both the upstream and midstream sectors of the O&G sector.  After researching and seeing how successful several of his colleagues were investing in real estate, he decided it was time for him to get involved.  He chose to partner with Mr. Madu to leverage his experience and network in order to find properties that would benefit them and surrounding communities.  He hopes to eventually build a self-sustaining business with a portfolio of properties and business partnerships that will allow him to spend more time with family and pursue other interests.

At Madu Group, Noble is tasked with managing finances and bank relations.


Noble Madu, Managing Director & Investor

Mr. Madu is a value-focused entrepreneur, that brings a broad background in technology consulting, interpersonal communication and real estate strategy. At a young age, Noble understood the basic concept of buying low and selling high. He started a domain and hosting platform that yielded ample returns, from a lean investment. Out of college, Mr. Madu was a co-founder at Skystream Technology, a respected software consulting firm based in Dallas. Through 2016, Mr. Madu worked directly under award winning fund manager, Dean Lontos as a Marketing Director at Bay Mountain Capital. Bay Mountain Capital provides financing solutions to real estate investors in Texas with private equity direct hard money funds ranging from 25 million – 100 million dollars. Mr. Madu enjoys helping entrepreneurs and is currently a venture advisor at the University of Texas Dallas and a Network Technology board member at Virginia College-West Texas. Noble received a Bachelor of Business Administration at Texas Tech University – Rawls College of Business, where he was also a student Senator At-Large.

At Madu Group, Noble is tasked with sourcing and managing projects that meet investment objectives for stakeholders.


Jeff Gross, Investment Analyst & Advisor 

Mr. Gross is the Chief Financial Officer at GMR, a leading real estate development and investment banking firm in Dallas, Texas. As such, he heads up GMRs Investment Banking practice and takes an active role in the design and execution of GMRs Direct Private Equity and Real Estate Development transactions. Jeff has over twenty years of investment banking experience and eight years of private equity experience with private middle market companies. He has closed more than 100 transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $2 billion. Jeffrey majored in economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned an MBA with Distinction from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Jeff grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Chicago after college. In 2010, Dallas’s entrepreneurial environment caught his attention and he relocated.

At Madu Group, Jeff is an advisor and presents strategies to amplify returns.